XRY is a software application designed to run on the Windows operating system which allows you to perform a secure forensic extraction of data from a wide variety of mobile devices, such as smartphones, satellite navigation units, modems, music players and tablets.

Extracting data from cell phones is a specialist skill and not the same as recovering data from traditional computers. Most mobile devices don't share the same operating systems and are proprietary embedded devices which have unique configurations. What does that mean in terms of getting data out of them? Well in simple terms, it means it is very difficult to do.

XRY has been designed and developed to make that process a lot easier for you, with support for thousands of different mobile device profiles and hundreds of smartphone app versions. We supply a complete solution to help you secure what you need. Our intuitive software guides you through the process step by step to make it as easy as possible.

Some of the unique features of XRY include:

  • Three simultaneous extractions from 3 different mobile devices with just one license
  • The largest support for smartphone apps in the market
  • A full forensic log file to ensure you have an audit trail for the extraction process
  • The fastest possible extraction times for devices
  • Secure file format with built in encryption to protect source data
  • Sim cards

There are several different XRY variants available depending upon your needs:

XRY LOGICAL is our most established product designed to perform a 'logical' extraction of data from the mobile device. By communicating with the operating system on the device, we can request information from the system. In general terms this will allow you to recover most of the live and file system data from the device and is an automated equivalent of manually examining each available screen on the device yourself and recording what is displayed. XRY Logical is the industry standard and a cost effective solution for the vast majority of our customers and their tasks.

XRY PHYSICAL is our more advanced solution that allows you to perform a 'physical' extraction from a mobile device, recovering all available raw data. Typically this is performed by bypassing the operating system and this offers you the opportunity to go deeper and recover deleted data from the device. A physical extraction is separated out into two distinct stages, the initial 'dump' whereby the raw data is recovered from the device and then the second stage 'decode' where XRY can automatically reconstruct the data into something meaningful; such as a deleted data without the need for manual carving. XRY Physical is particularly useful when faced with security locked devices.

XRY PINPOINT is a dedicated solution for non-standard mobile devices, sometimes referred to as China Chipsets or Clone phones. It is an advanced solution comprised of compact hardware and powerful software. Fully integrated with XRY to enable users to extract and decode data from mobiles where the pin-out vary and may not even be known. PinPoint is able to automatically detect the pin-out configuration, in order to communicate with the mobile device. The added support for physical extraction of nonstandard devices is enabled upon activation of the PinPoint module.

XRY VIEWER is our easy to use tool for viewing XRY files. Designed specifically to view .xry files in their native file format, it is a very lightweight application with no installation dependencies. This means it is ideally suited to distribute XRY files and allow the viewing of all the data extracted from a mobile device.

Viewer allows untrained users immediate access to the data in one simple and easy to understand display. It runs on modern Windows OS devices, without needing any administrative authority to pre-install components onto the computer.

Viewer is ideally suited to burn to disc or USB storage alongside files generated by XRY and then provide that information to third parties who are not regular XRY users. Users can also select different file categories simultaneously in a combined view and then sort all the data by a variety of categories to help them locate the information quicker than ever.


XAMN is an analytical tool from MSAB. It's designed specifically for visualizing mobile device forensic files from multiple handsets in one simple and easy to use interface.