Digital Forensics - Data Recovery

FTK® provides us with an entire suite of investigative tools necessary to conduct digital investigations smarter, faster and more effectively. It allows us to quickly establish case facts through innovative and market leading features such as distributed processing, collaborative case analysis, evidence visualization reports and more, all in one single comprehensive solution.

FTK® is built for speed, stability and ease of use, providing comprehensive data processing and indexing up front, so filtering and searching is faster than with any other product on the market. This equates to an increase in analysis speed allowing you to obtain actionable intelligence much quicker.

FTK's mature database-driven, enterprise class architecture allows us to handle and make sense of these massive data sets through processing stability and data visualization not available with other tools. With FTK, we can easily separate relevant data from the trivial and easily explain those nuances to colleagues, attorneys/barristers and jurors.