Vetting and Lifestyle Audit

At Truth and Deception Technologies - SA we have a wealth of experience in Work Ethics Training and Professional Candidate Screening. We differentiate ourselves from other Background Screening Companies globally, by integrating all information, including psychometric assessments.

We manage a robust employee screening programme that helps organisations minimise the risk of making inappropriate recruitment decisions, which if unchecked, could lead to fraud, dishonesty or misconduct and cause damage to their business brand, reputation and financial standing.

We conduct background checks that typically will include past employment verification, credit history, and criminal history. These checks are often used to identify a potential candidate’s past mistakes, character, fitness for the position and to identify potential employment risks.

Scrutiny of the curriculum vitae is imperative as studies have shown that a high percentage of all reference checks done on prospective employees showed a difference between what the job applicant provided and what the source reported.

The diagram below stipulates the main reasons why vetting of prospective employees is crucial:

Lifestyle Audits as Part of Vetting

We conduct lifestyle audits prior to the employment of a potential candidate but can also conduct post-employment audits on any candidate.

It is commonly prescribed that tests are performed to determine that the lifestyle of an employee is commensurate with that person’s known income stream.

During these tests we also focus on the following:

  • Spouse / life partner of the applicant if applicable
  • Children of the applicant if applicable
  • Assets
  • Directorship of listed companies
  • Management of credit accounts