Voice Stress Analysis

The words “lie detector” have become synonymous with any reference to voice stress analysis technology, due to the fact that it actually detects deception in the human voice. The advanced, user friendly capabilities of this type of technology have outgrown the practice of using out-dated polygraph machines, moving beyond law enforcement to determining deception in arson, counter narcotics, insurance fraud, employment screening, private investigation, anti-terrorism, interrogation, covert counter intelligence and more.

The DecepTech™ voice stress analysis application from Truth & Deception Technologies was developed to be a truly computerised voice stress analysis system, which takes full advantage of digital processing to give the examiner a new set of sophisticated, analytical tools.

Used by public sector departments and private forensic voice examiners both in South Africa and across the world, DecepTech™ voice stress analysis instrumentation is the most technically advanced digital system of its kind to have been produced to date.

Designed to detect, process and display changes in the physiological “microtremor of Lippold” in human speech, the graphical waveforms produced and displayed by the instrument can be interpreted by trained analysts to reveal the relative level of voice stress present in the subject. DecepTech™ creates printed reports quickly and easily for the examiner’s review and to allow cases to be documented and shared among other examiners.

The DecepTech™ voice stress analysis software can be easily used to analyse recorded interviews of any length and source. This opens up the application of the software to include cold case interviews and other voice stress applications. Interviews can also easily be recorded in the field and later analysed in the security of your office or remote location.

The narrative voice stress analytics of DecepTech™ gives us the capacity to analyse any voice recording in the absence of the recorded party. The purpose of this type of analysis is to identify deceptive statements made during the recording.

Most importantly, we have the technology to conduct voice stress tests telephonically from South Africa to any country in the world. The benefit of this capacity is a massive cost and time saving to the client and gives us the competitive edge above any other truth and deception company.