Scientific Voice Biometrics Examination

Professional software suite for speech signal analysis.

SpeachPro is the world leader in scientific software for speech signal analysis. Since it has been launched in 1993, Forensic Audio Workstation has evolved from a sound editor application to the most popular forensic lab in the world. Forensic Audio Workstation is a professional solution for advanced scientific speech signal analysis. It provides the capabilities to perform a multitude of valuable audio processing, analysis, audio restoration and voice comparison functions.

Forensic Audio Workstation makes it possible to perform an in-depth analysis of voice and speech by numerous visualization tools, automated and human-assisted comparison instruments. Forensic Audio Workstation is comprised of advanced and time-tested technologies and algorithms which are already in use at over 350 installations in more than 36 countries world-wide making it the most popular suite of audio processing, analysis and voice biometric matching tools available today. Today it is serving experts in 350 laboratories in more than 36 countries worldwide.

Voice Biometrics is a “stand alone” and or enterprise speaker identification application is aimed at identifying audio files containing the target speakers’ voices in a stream of audio data and or to compare audio files to determine similarities in audio files to link unknown individuals.

Programs Used:

  • SIS II
  • Easy Voice Biometrics
  • Multi-Speech
  • DiamondCut Forensics
  • Sound Forge Pro