Sound Cleaner II

Since its first release 20 years ago, Sound Cleaner has grown in popularity across the international audio forensic community for its simplicity and effectiveness - even in the most challenging cases.

More filtering capabilities

Sound Cleaner II offers new filtering capabilities. Get rid of cellphone pick-ups and DTMF dialling beeps with the new Cellphone Noise Filter and the new DTMF Suppressor. Restore clipped audio with the new Clip Restorer. Novice audio experts will enjoy Auto Filter. This single control filter can be used to alleviate the most commonly encountered noises.

Easy navigation

The functional waveform navigation bar lets you see the entire signal. The area being analysed is displayed in the waveform navigation window. This can be easily changed by selecting another section for display.

Full control over processing history

Every action that modifies the signal is logged in the history tab and made available for undo/redo.

Professional activity reports

Sound Cleaner II generates professional reports featuring your company logo and contact information, audio file information, a log of filters applied and their settings, as well as all signal changes. Screenshot tools let you enhance your report with input and output waveforms and spectra.

Working with projects

Saving a file as a project lets you keep the filtering sequence, text transcripts and modification history for further use.

Create forensic transcripts

Sound Cleaner II built-in text editor links text to audio for quick reference.

Sync reference and main channel for filtering

Sound Cleaner II new audio sync algorithm revolutionizes reference noise filtering by recording a mono reference channel separately from main channel.

Widest range of audio formats supported

Sound Cleaner II extracts audio tracks from video files in virtually any format and codec.

Sound Cleaner II